Tournament Rules

1. Home team is decided in Pool Play, higher seed has choice in bracket play.

2. Teams not available to begin at game time will forfeit.

3. There will be no warm-up on the infields prior to any game. The outfields may be used or behind/outside the basepaths. There is plenty of open area.

4.  Teams can bat their entire roster during pool play and bracket play. If a player has to leave the lineup during the game due to illness or injury and the team has no subs left or the team is roster batting, then an out will be recorded for the injured/ill player’s at bat. If this incidence occurs, it must be reported to the umpires and the opposing team. If a player has left the game due to illness or injury, he may return to his spot in the lineup if better.

5. The official game time is 2 hours and 10 minutes finish the inning or 7 innings whichever comes first. The CHAMPIONSHIP game will be full 7 innings.

6. Head coaches are to verify starting time with the umpire prior to the start of the game. Time begins when the umpire concludes "Pre-game" conference and the umpire is the official timekeeper.

7. If the game is tied at the end of 7 innings or when an inning completes at the end of regulation time, extra innings will be used. (GAMES CAN END IN A TIE IN POOL PLAY)

8. Mercy Rule is MODIFIED as follows: At the end of 4 innings if a team is winning by 12 runs or more the game is over and the score is final and at the end of 5 innings the run rule is - 10 runs or thereafter.

9. Official Game Results are to be reported to a tournament representative.  They are turned into the Tournament Director at the end of each game.

10. A courtesy runner can be used any time for the pitcher or catcher of record.  A courtesy runner is defined as a player not currently active in the lineup.  If roster batting, the courtesy runner is the player with the last recorded out.

11. Wooden Bat Tournament --- CBI is a wood bat tournament.  Regular wood or Composite wood bats that bear the stamp BBCOR will be allowed.  

12. Free Defensive Substitutions... ultimately you could have 9 different fielders and 9 different batters if you wanted 

13. Baseball -- Rawlings R100

14. Coaches discretion for the amount of innings a pitcher can pitch.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of a weather shortened event, tournament placement will be determined based on the highest seeded team remaining in the tournament.  Ties will be broken using: Fewest runs allowed, most runs scored (max of 15 per game), if still tied then a coin toss will be used.