Lower School Principal Hired for 2016-2017

Lower School Principal Hired for 2016-2017 Columbus Torah Academy recently announced the appointment of Debra Kira as CTA’s next Lower School Principal. Debra will assume her position as Principal following the remarkable twenty-six year tenure of current Lower School Principal, Patty Sapp, who is retiring at the end of the school year. Debra’s appointment will take effect July 1, 2016. With the input of
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Enrollment Agreements

  Enrollment Forms and Financial Assistance If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either: Norman Leist, Chief Financial Officer, nleist@torahacademy.org or Shari Herszage, Director of Admissions, sherszage@torahacademy.org

2015 Scholarship Dinner Ad Book

A digital version of the 2015 Scholarship Dinner Ad Book can be downloaded here. Please support our donors and advertisers who generously donate to Columbus Torah Academy.

CTA Health Services Website Launched

Dear CTA families, For your convenience we now have a new Health Services site for our school community. Many of the policies and procedures related to the nurse’s role in school is based on Ohio law.  The website is a good reference for questions you may have regarding the health office at CTA. Information including school procedures, illnesses, and medication forms can be accessed in one
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CTA Scholarship Gala 2015

Click here to download invitation. For more information, visit Gala website, here.

CTA Logo Items

CTA is proud to offer logo items.  We ask that when choosing spiritwear, you use an approved CTA vendor that conforms to the school’s logo guidelines. Lands End offers a large number of items with CTA logo embroidery. The CTA Lands End site can be accessed directly by clicking here. If you have any questions or want to order items that are not available with
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Th Three long time staff members will be recognized at the upcoming Columbus Torah Academy Scholarship Gala scheduled for Sunday, December 13 at CTA. Karan Tanenbaum has been the Food Service Director at CTA for 30 years.  She has created breakfasts and lunches for students, special teacher lunches and catered many school programs and events.  For some families, she has fed two or three
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Message from the Head of School – November 2015

  Message from Head of School by Rabbi Samuel J. Levine Schools teach children how to read; parents can partner with the school to help children become readers. It is important for parents to be active participants in helping their children become literate adults. Parents can create a literacy rich environment that helps children become enthusiastic, lifelong readers. Research shows that children who grow
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Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling

Columbus Torah Academy is using PTC Fast to schedule Parent -Teacher Conference which will be held at CTA on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. The opportunity to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher will open the lines of communication from classroom to home.  The scheduling system is secure and you will be able to see what time slots are available.  If you have any
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CTA to Honor Millens

Click here for the invitation and other information. Columbus Torah Academy will honor Rabbi Henoch and Rochelle L. Millen, Ph.D., at the Annual Scholarship Dinner scheduled for Sunday, December 13, 2015. Esther Bernzweig, Lara Blumberg and Lindsay Schottenstein will co-chair this year’s annual Scholarship Dinner which will be held, for the first time, at the Columbus Torah Academy. Since 1974, Columbus Torah Academy has
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Morah Elana’s Judaic classes worked on divrei torah that they compiled into a booklet to send home for Rosh Hashanah.  The Torah thoughts that each student worked on are relevant not just for the advent of the new year, but throughout the year as the students researched subjects that they will be exploring throughout the year in the studies of Chumash, Navi, and Mishna. 
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Busy Bees Abuzzing in STEM Classes

Mrs. Lerner integrated STEM with the holidays in the recent “Bees Matter, Honey!” unit.  The 3rd graders tasted honey with samplings brought in by Max Almasanu from his great-uncle, Loren G. Grossman, who is a beekeeper in University City, Missouri. Leora Hazan brought in local raw honey from Beechwood, Ohio.  The students, tasted and charted the data of their preferences and tastes of the
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Art In Action – October 2015

Art In Action: Second Grade Project Update & Newsletter Preview Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky loved both art and music and believed that the two were closely linked. His artwork, much of which was abstract (not realistic), reflected his love for classical music. Second grade students are exploring the shapes, colors, and lines in Kandinsky’s artwork and thinking about the connection art has to music.
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In the Upper School, grades 7-12, a new year long program has been launched called “The Amazing Race”. Earlier in September, the students that wanted to be a team leader for the Race prepared speeches that were presented to the entire Upper School faculty and student body about what it means to them to be a leader. The student body elected Rose Kalef, Yaakov
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Spotlight on Upper School Judaics – October 2015

Happy Days are Here Again! In CTA Upper School Judaic Studies, Sukkot truly lives up to its epithet, “Z’man Simchatainu”, “Our Time of Happiness”. Building the CTA’s sukkah is always a fun and educational experience. The halachot that the students learn pertaining to sukka construction come to life when they ensure that the walls are erect before laying the s’chach, identify the minimal “2
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Hebrew Highlights – October 2015

The second graders have been preparing for their “trip to Israel”.  This is part of their year long study of Israeli culture and language.  In preparation, they created their own Israeli passports and worked on learning to write their first and last name as well as where they were born in Hebrew to write in their passports.  They also learned to converse in Hebrew,
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Focus on Lower School Judaics – October 2015

The month of Tishrei is probably the busiest time in our school. Ending one holiday, we immediately dive into the next. Each holiday has many names and in the classrooms we’ve learned that each name teaches us a different aspect of the holiday.  One of the names for Succot is zaman simchateinu (the time of our rejoicing) and that was the atmosphere of our school during the
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Message from the Head of School – October 2015

By Rabbi Samuel J. Levine There is an old Yiddish folk song that bemoans the end of the Yom Tov season. It is easy to imagine the sadness of shtetl Jews as they experienced the waning moments of Simchat Torah. The cold, dreary, winter would soon be upon them bringing with it freezing cold, muddy streets, poverty, the struggle to make a living and
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