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Give and Get

What is it?  Give & Get is a program that supports our school financially and involves parents as volunteers in the school community.  As noted in the Enrollment Agreement, each family has an annual commitment of $2000 which began July 1, 2015 and must be completed by June 30, 2016. Outstanding commitments will be carried over to the following year and are considered a financial obligation to the school.

The Give & Get policy can be found here.

How to fulfill your commitment:

  1. Direct Donations
    1. The Give & Get Commitment or any portion of it can be paid in full, quarterly or monthly with credit card or pre-dated checks.
    2. Donations to Annual Giving Fund are applied dollar for dollar towards your Give & Get commitment.
    3. Scholarship Dinner Fund donations are applied dollar for dollar towards your annual Give & Get commitment.
      1. Put an ad in the Scholarship Dinner Ad book
      2. Solicit for the Scholarship Dinner Ad Book
      3. Solicit prizes or bid on prizes for Scholarship Dinner Silent Auction
    4. Tribute Donations are applied dollar for dollar towards your Give & Get commitment.
      1. Donations sent in honor or in memory of someone will be acknowledged to the beneficiary
  1. Scrip are gift cards that an individual can purchase from CTA and the school receives a percentage of the value of the gift card.  The rates are variable depending on the retailer.  Gift cards can include places as varied as gas stations, grocery stores, clothing stores, travel companies or restaurants.  
    1. Kroger will give back a percentage of purchases to CTA for customers who link their Kroger Rewards Card to CTA.  Enroll your rewards card at www.krogercommunityrewards.com.  Participants must re-enroll their card annually on April 1.
    2. CTA Scrip Office is open daily during school hours. Scrip on hand can be found on here.
    3. Additional scrip is available by special order and the selection can be found at www.glscrip.com To make an order, email scrip@torahacademy.org  Orders usually take 7-10 days to arrive.
    4. iGive is an online search engine that can generate donations for CTA.  Register at www.igive.com and choose Columbus Torah Academy as your beneficiary charity.  A percentage of all of your purchases will be given to CTA and credited to your Give & Get account.
    5. Other smaller financial considerations include:  Amazon Smile, Target RED card, Shoparoo, Office Max, Giant Eagle

For help getting signed up with any of these programs, contact Shari.  Some of these will need to be reported to the Business Office.

  1. Volunteer
    1. Volunteer your time to help on programs and activities.  Your volunteer time is worth $25 per hour towards your Give & Get Commitment. 
    2. Click here for a form to submit with volunteer preferences or contact info@torahacademy.org
    3. All Give & Get hours need to be submitted to gandg@torahacademy.org to have them recorded and applied to Give & Get statement.

Give & Get statements are mailed quarterly and inquiries can be directed to Norm Leist at nleist@torahacademy.org