Back to School Packet

August 7, 2019

Dear Parents,

I hope that you have been enjoying a pleasant and relaxing summer. 

This packet contains important information and several items that must be filled out and returned.  Please use the packet checklist to ensure that you have received all of the appropriate material and carefully follow the guidelines regarding forms that need to be returned.

It is important that you read the updated Parent Student Handbooks which will be available on-line after August 19.

I look forward to greeting you on Tuesday, August 20, the first day of school!


Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff, Head of School


Please check through your packet to make sure that you have received all of the enclosures on this list.  Please familiarize yourself with all of the materials and return the required forms before the first day of school.  This entire packet has also been emailed to you and can be accessed on the school website at on the Parent Page.


  1. Calendar & Website:  Please use the Parent Page on the CTA website for your first access for information.  The paper (enclosed in this packet) and online calendar should be checked on a regular basis as contains dates and events of various school functions. We encourage you to use and download the CTA Google Calendar to your own devices.  It is available at and has the most updated school information. In the menu bar, under School Community, is a link to the Calendar. At the bottom right of the Calendar, you will see the option to “Add to Google Calendar.” With a Gmail account, you will have all updates, changes and additions to CTA’s calendar on your phone or anywhere you login.
  1. Monday, August 19:  From 3-4 pm is Lower School Supply Drop Off.  It is an opportunity to pick up pre-ordered school supply kits or drop off your child’s school supplies in their classrooms.  For new and returning students, it is a chance to meet the teacher and explore the building.  At 2:00 pm is a 7th Grade Orientation for parents and students
  2. CTA Communications:  The Weekly Communicator will be emailed every Friday with upcoming events and important information.Lower School grade level teams will send home a weekly newsletter to share the learning that has taken place in the class. A monthly e-Dateline will highlight school happenings.  If you prefer a hard copy for e-Dateline, please email Norma Whitmyre at  There is no hard copy of The Weekly Communicator. Additional communications may come from teachers or administrators through Alma.  If you need help with Alma, contact Mr. Staffilino, Mrs. Miller, or Mrs. Delman.
  3. School Supplies:  Supply lists for students in Grades K-6 can be found here.  Students should bring supplies during the Lower School Supply Drop-Off Day on August 19 or on the first day of school.  If you pre-ordered school supply kits, they will be available for pickup on August 19 or delivered to your child’s classroom.  Kindergarten supply fees can be included in your return packet to CTA, dropped off at the front desk or sent in with your child on the first day of school. Supply lists for grades 7-12 will be given by individual teachers during the first few days of school.  Be sure students in grades 7-12 bring a notebook and writing instrument for the first few days of school.
  4. Parent Student Handbooks:  Important information about school policies and procedures can be found in the updated Parent Student Handbooks which are posted on the CTA website and can be accessed from the Parent Page.  2019-2020 Handbooks will be available beginning August 19.
  5. Uniform Policy:  Please remember that the most updated Uniform Policy can be found on the CTA Website.  A flyer with the most common uniform options is included in this packet.  Please read the Parent-Student Handbook carefully and discuss the guidelines with your child/ren. Parents are asked to make sure that their children follow the school’s uniform on a daily basis. Reminder: Logo items are available at or items can be dropped off at the front desk to have logos applied at the cost of $7 per item.  There is a deadline each month on the printed calendar. Logo applications take 2-3 weeks. Students are expected to be in school uniform beginning the first day of school.  Please be mindful of appropriate colors for tops, bottoms and outerwear as well as which types of outerwear require logos.  If you have any questions, contact Mr. Staffilino (grades 7-12) or Mrs. Miller (grades K-6).
  6. Student Schedules for Grades 7-12:  Log into Alma to see your schedule.  If you have questions or concerns or need help logging in, please contact Mrs. Delman in the guidance office.  
  7. Upper School email addresses:  Due to security updates, many CTA student email passwords were reset. Contact Mr. Greff for a temporary password at
  8. Tuition Payments: If you are making payments for your tuition over the school year then you must be signed up with FACTS. Payments will start in September and run through June 2020 for most families. Questions should be directed to or call the school and ask for Norm at ext. 200.
  9. Transportation to School:  All students living in the Columbus School District will receive bus information from Columbus transportation prior to the first day of school. Bexley students should contact the Bexley School Transportation office at 614-231-7611 with any questions.
  10. Give & Get Information:  A detailed explanation of the Give & Get program is included in this packet and here with suggested ways to fulfill your family’s annual commitment of $2,000.
  11. Athletics Program:  Information about CTA’s athletic program for students in grades 6-12 can be directed to Athletic Director, Matt Bailey at   Students interested in Fall Sports, should use this link to sign up:
  12. Assessment Results:  Ohio’s State Test reports are enclosed for Grades 3-12. If you did not receive yours, contact Mr. Staffilino (grades 7-12) or Mrs. Miller (grades K-6).
  13. Reading log for 1st-6th graders:  Students that completed the reading challenge for the summer should return their log to their teacher OR on August 19 at supply drop off.  We will have a table for you to turn them in.  Please make sure you have your child’s name and grade on the forms.  A log is included here to fill out.


  1. Emergency Card(s):  Please fill out one card per child.  It is very important that this card is on file in the school office by the first day of school.
  2. Medical Forms: State Law requires all students must have an up-to-date immunization and health history on file.  Parent authorization is required for dispensing over the counter (OTC) medications and treatments. The OTC form must be completed and returned to school each year and is included in this packet. All other medical forms can be found at on the Parent Page, including medication administration orders, EpiPen and Inhaler permission forms.  If you have any questions, please contact the School Nurse at 614-864-0299 ext. 211.
  3. Class Trip Permission Slip:  Please fill out this form so that your child may participate in class trips.  (You may include more than one child on a form.)
  4. E-Mail Address:  Please fill out this form with your e-mail address and any other email addresses that you would like to receive important school information.
  5. Hot Lunch and High School Breakfast Program:  Please fill out the Hot Lunch form and return by August 20 in the special envelope provided in this packet or directly to the front desk. Additionally, high school students should fill out the Breakfast form.
  6. PTO Information:  Please read and fill out the membership form and volunteer opportunity form.
  7. PTO Directory Contact Information:  Please complete this form with accurate information you would like published in the PTO Directory.  If you prefer not to be included, you can check off the opt out box.
  8. Student Driving Privileges:  Parents of 12th graders will receive an email form that must be completed or use this link:
  9. School Picture Form:  We encourage you to order on-line where you will receive a 10% discount.  Otherwise, you can fill out the form enclosed.  More School Picture forms will be available on the first day of school.  The date of School Pictures is Tuesday, August 27.

All of the above forms, except for the Hot Lunch and Breakfast forms (which have their own envelope), should be returned to the school.  It may be mailed in or dropped off at the front desk.