Condolences – September 2017


Rabbi Henoch and Dr. Rochelle Millen on the loss of daughter, Naomi Talansky

Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf on the loss of his mother

Tamara Cherfas and Igor Cherfas (8th Grade Class of 2002) on the loss of husband and father Leonard Cherfas

Julia Modes, Sonia Modes Schottenstein, Stuart and Tari Modes and Rabbi Joey Modes  (8th Grade Class of 1991) on the loss of husband brother and father Irving Modes

Betty Shames, David Shames (8th Grade Class of 1969), Jeff Shames (8th Grade Class of 1974) and Ben Shames (8th Grade Class of 1977) on the loss of husband and father Alvin Shames

Tuvya and Lea Schottenstein, Aryeh Schottenstein (8th Grade Class of 1987), David Schottenstein (8th Grade Class of 1998), Miriam Schottenstein Engelson (8th Grade Class of 2002), Chana Schottenstein Marinovsky (8th Grade Class of 2005) and Yael Schottenstein Gutnick (8th Grade Class of 2008) upon the loss of mother and grandmother Flora Levy

Alex Bisman (Class of 1999) on the loss of his mother Emma Bisman