While students had the day off on February 18, CTA faculty were able to come together for a day of learning and collaborating.  It isn’t often to have an all-faculty day and Rabbi Drandoff took the opportunity for opening remarks to reflect on how educators can make lasting impressions for many years to come and the impact we have on each of your children.  Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Eisenberg along with teacher presenters, set up the with various learning opportunities by grade level or discipline and sessions included:

  1. Creating student growth plans using MAP data – Eliza Delman
  2. Finding new tools to integrate technology with our interactive board pilot program, while having some good laughs
  3. Refreshing our knowledge about Project Adam.  We are lucky to be a Heart Safe School. – Eliza Delman
  4. Making goals for our next writing units in the Lower School – Annie Taranto
  5. Exploring use of skills from our Kriah programs
  6. Analyzing Judaic Studies data
  7. Brushing up on google classroom – Emily Gilbert
  8. Taking time to explore our new MAC computers and all they can do – Emily Gilbert and Steve Guinan

Here’s a cute Padlet the teachers made to celebrate the positive energy in the building during the 2021-2022 school year here: https://padlet.com/nmiller60/yvi9yotjqlsx9elg

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