Each issue of Dateline will feature a highlight of one of our named Endowment Funds.  Comprised of 50 current funds and growing, the Endowment is a guarantee of the future legacy of the school.  Funds have been established by direct donations, life insurance, bequests, stock and other methods.  To find out more, contact sherszage@torahacademy.org or adrandoff@torahacademy.org.  CTA Endowment Funds held at the Columbus Jewish Foundation in partnership with JewishColumbus yield a contribution to the Annual Fund each year.  The principle is untouched, but the interest earned benefit the many programs and activities of the school.

Dorothy Kahn Endowment Fund

The Dorothy Kahn Endowment Fund supports the science program at CTA.  In consultations with the Science Department, significant science equipment is purchased each year to provide students with opportunities to develop process skills and hands-on investigations.

Richard I. And Arline F. Landers Endowment Fund

Arline Landers was born in Utica, Ohio. There was one other Jewish family there. Arline’s only Jewish learning came from her parents. Her father was in the scrap business.  Arline graduated from OSU. Upon returning home, her mother encouraged Arline to go to business school. It was the best advice ever received.  Arline and her brother, Richard, lived with their parents in a small ranch home in Mt. Vernon, Ohio until their elders passed away. Her brother and business partner passed away in 1992. A quotation from Winston Churchill characterizes the Lander’s philanthropic philosophy, “We make a living by what we get. But we make a life by what we give”. She particularly liked to help children and those who couldn’t help themselves. She used to spend a lot of time reading to mentally disabled children, because she enjoyed it and the children were so appreciative.  The Landers Endowment Fund composed of the funds placed there and interest added annual will perpetually support CTA’s operations and scholarship program.