Each issue of Dateline will feature a highlight of one of our named Endowment Funds.  Comprised of 50 current funds and growing, the Endowment is a guarantee of the future legacy of the school.  Funds have been established by direct donations, life insurance, bequests, stock and other methods.  To find out more, contact sherszage@torahacademy.org or adrandoff@torahacademy.org.  CTA Endowment Funds held at the Columbus Jewish Foundation in partnership with JewishColumbus yield a contribution to the Annual Fund each year.  The principle is untouched, but the interest earned benefit the many programs and activities of the school.

This month, we are proud to share a complete list of all of our funds and a list of the individuals who have signed letters of intent to make establish legacy gifts.  Thank you for prioritizing a CTA Jewish day school education.

CTA Endowment Funds

Ruth Abramson Memorial Scholarship Fund

B’nai Israel E/F For Torah Academy

Irving Baker CTA Endowment Fund

Irving Baker CTA High School Scholarship Fund

Marcia & Irving Baker CTA High School Scholarship Endowment

Rabbi Julius Baker CTA Scholarship EF

Betty & Gerald Davis CTA Scholarship E/F

Ann & Ari Deshe CTA Endowment Fund

Susan and Jon Diamond CTA Endowment

Dobkin CTA Endowment Fund

Nichole & Mark Ebner CTA Endowment

Sylvia & Murray Ebner Family CTA Endowment

Rabbi Joel and Janice Epstein CTA Endowment Fund

Edward & Lily Friedman & Family CTA Endowment

Eydie,Don,Jennifer Garlikov CTA Endowment

Bruce S. Gartner Legacy Endowment Fund

CTA Marian Gilbert Endowment Fund

David Glimcher CTA Endmt Fund

Herb & DeeDee Glimcher CTA Endowment Fd

Josh and Amy Greenberg Endowment Fund

Simon Handler CTA Scholarship Fund

Jackie Jacobs CTA Endowment Fund

Dorothy Kahn CTA Science Endowment

Holly and Bradley Kastan CTA Endowment Fund

Richard & Arline Landers EF For CTA

Leeman Family Columbus Torah Academy Endowment Fund

Henry A. and Mary A. Spitz CTA Endowment Fund

Philip & Deborah Millen Memorial Fund

Dr. Rochelle L. & Rabbi Henoch Millen CTA E/F

Joseph Modes CTA Endowment Fund

Dr Elaine Nemzer Memorial CTA Endowment

Laura & Ira Nutis CTA Endowment Fund

Matthew Erik Peltz Talmud Award Fund

Daniel & Anna Robins Jewish Education CTA Endowment Fund

Betty & Herb Schiff CTA Endowment Fund

Lynda & Scott Schiff Family CTA Endmt Fd

Patty and Michael Schiff CTA Endowment Fund

Alvin Schottenstein CTA Endowment Fund

Geraldine Schottenstein Hoffman CTA Endowment

Jeanie & Jay Schottenstein CTA Endowment

Lenore Schottenstein CTA Endowment Fund

Lori Schottenstein CTA Endowment

M/I Homes Foundation CTA Endowment

Melanie & Eric J Schottenstein Family CTA Endowment Fund

Saul & Sonia Schottenstein CTA Endowment

Sonia M Schottenstein CTA E/F

Warren & Marlene Sobol CTA Endowment Fund

Warren Family Fund

Michael and Chanita Weisz CTA Endowment

Josh Wolf Fund for CTA

Ziskind-Hershfield Family CTA Endmt Fund

Lauri and Ely Zofan Family Endowment Fund

The Zofan Family Endowment Fund for the Columbus Torah Academy

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