Field Day 2020

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to welcome you to Field day 2020!  Though this is a different format than in the past, we hope that you and your children will enjoy it and embrace it!  As you saw in the previous email, there are zoom meetings and activities everyday.  Here is the schedule in one spot for you again:  Click here 

In addition, the students can do individual challenges at home to earn points for their team as well!  Please look at the activity list and video below to see the options of at home creative challenges.

Mr. Bailey also compiled a document of at home challenges that you can receive points for doing as well. You will find the “creative” activities on the scorecard, too.  Click here to get those activities:  Click here! 

Link to Activity options and video explanation from Morah Savage: Click here!   

At the end of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday by 9 PM, please email your team what activities your child completed that day. Send pictures and videos as well if you would like.

Here are the team email addresses:







Let the games begin!  Looking forward to seeing you on announcements tomorrow! 

Morah Savage and Mr. Bailey