Carol Park Memorial:  Colleagues, students, and parents of Dr. Carol Park gathered for a dedication of a bench in the ampitheatre.  Thank you to the students and teachers who shared reflections of Dr. Park who had an impact on our science program and school community.  Video recording at https://youtu.be/h76Q-LLAVG8

3rd Grade Chicks:  The third grade ChickQuest program has returned.  The eggs from from various breeds were cared for in a class incubator and after 21 days, 12 hatched into adorable chicks!  Quite a brood! When the chicks became too big, they went to their new home – thanks to the Eskin family for finding the right farm for them.  Lots of visitors came to see them.

Kindergarten Celebration:  They are ready!!  Learning, growing, sharing, making friends….  These little ones are little no more and on their way to 1st grade.  Video recording at: https://youtu.be/ZuyqxeaIK2I

Shabbat Electives:  The shabbat elective program came to a close with a share program for students.   The Mishna Elective learned Masechet Makot with Rabbi Goldstein.  The Dance Elective with Ms. Papson shared their choreographed moves.  The Art Elective with Mrs. Stillman showed off their still life apple portraits.  The Sewing Elective showed off their beautiful pillows they made with Ms. Angela.  The Cooking Elective made delicious chocolate chip muffins (and so many other things during the year). The Poetry Elective shared the music video they made of the rap song that highlights the school middot we focus on.  Direction of the rap was from Ohio Arts Council writer in residence Amy Greenberg, professional rapper and music producer, Sam Sellers, and 4th grade teacher Morah Sarah Weinstein who turned out to be an unbelievable beat boxer.  The video can be viewed at https://youtu.be/0PGPYBzCHi8

Did you miss Winter Shabbat Showcase?  That was another incredible culmination of the Shabbat Elective program.  The students spent 10 weeks in various hands on elective programs and culminated with a Showcase that WOWed us all. Refreshments by the Cooking Elective, Siyum by the Mishna Elective, Set design and more by the Art Elective, Wizard of Oz by the Drama Elective.  Complete recording at:  https://youtu.be/0PGPYBzCHi8

Shout out to Morah Savage, Morah Sarah, Ms. Angela, Mrs. Fried, Mrs. Barer, Rabbi Goldstein, Mrs. Stillman and all of the amazing CTA parents, teachers, and students for a great year of Shabbat Electives.

Chag HaSiddur:  What a milestone for a 1st graders as they received their first siddur at a performance for family and friends.  So many wonderful things ahead!  Kudos to Morah Esther and Miss Tanenbaum on a job well done.  Video recording at: 

FIELD DAY FUN ON LAG BAOMER:  Celebrating the theme Be Strong.  Be Kind.  Be CTA!,  The traditions at CTA continue with Field Day for grades K-8 on Lag BaOmer and the two teams had a great time with physical, mental, and spirit activities.  Thanks Morah Savage, Mr. Bailey, and all the teachers for a great day!  It ended with popsicles and the evening was a family celebration for Lag BaOmer.  Fun!  Fun!  Fun!   An outrageous number of pictures can be found in this album:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/biscFTBAx3vf2a746   Enjoy!

BEE KEEPING BUSINESS:  The CTA Bee Hive (literally) was swarming and Bee Keeper Noah Katz came out to show the students the process of making honey.  He was searching for the Queen and showed the students how many eggs there were and there is a chance the thriving CTA Bee Hive will soon be opening a 2nd hive.  What a great on site resource!  Thanks, Noah!!

HEADING TO 7th GRADE IN STYLE:  Sixth graders choreographed their exit from 6th grade that they shared with the lower school on the last day of school.  Looking forward to seeing this group in upper school!  Video at https://youtu.be/zPkInrJopRg

5B FINISHES KINDNESS GARDEN:  Officially planted during May was the kindness garden that 5B formulated a plan for this year in their SOLE class (Self Organized Learning Environment).  The student led initiative was planned, budget, designed, and executed by the students.

IDITAROD:  While happened in early March, the Great CTA Iditarod Race is something every 1st grader looks forward to and the older students look back in wonder at.  SHHH!  Don’t tell the recently graduated kindergarteners.  They have a lot of fun coming their way!

7th GRADE SHAKEPEARE:  What would a CTA year be without a Shakespeare performance???!!!  Building theatre skills, giving an opportunity for public speaking, and what 7th grade doesn’t need DRAMA?  Love seeing these budding actors and actresses and all that amazing personality!  Check it out at:  https://youtu.be/j1hbhBWKiLE

8th GRADE IRONMENSTCH:  For 10 days during 2nd semester, the 8 graders brushed up on their Yediot Klaliyot (general Jewish knowledge) in preparation for the Iron Mentsch competition! Students familiarized themselves with important dates in the Jewish calendar, key figures of Jewish history, the books of Tanach, the 39 Melachot Shabbat, various brachot, and much more. The class was divided into 2 teams to display their feats of intelligence, with Rabbi Yachnes and Mrs. Neuman acting as referees. It was a close competition, and in the end the Blue Team took the win! Congratulations to all the students for an amazing Iron Mentsch! Big thank you to Mrs. Glitsch for those personalized team shirts!

YOM HASHOAH BRINGS BACK ALUMNI:  Upper School students were honored during a Yom Hashoah program to learn more about community leader, Murray Ebner’s legacy (of blessed memory) and his survival from the horrors of the Holocaust. Mr. Ebner’s daughters, Judge Cindy Ebner and Lisa Ebner Rosen (both CTA alumni) speak to the students. From his escape from a concentration camp at age 17 to his return to Poland when he was 71, the video testimonial of his journey is an awakening to how quickly a community that he called home became a prison and full of fear. It was beautiful to hear Lisa and Cindy share their reflections on their father and his love and pride for his family after all of the miracles which saved his life. There is much to learn and never forget who we are as a Jewish people yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

ADAPTIVE FAIRYTALES PERFORMED:  Ms. Rahav’s 3rd grade students wrote adaptive fairytales and then performed them for family and friends. Quite a group of budding actors! https://youtu.be/gogDQBAaweU

LOWER SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL:  Loved seeing the student leadership from the lower school student council made up of students in grades 3-6.  Their activities included a Food Drive, Dress Down Days, and planning an executing a Fun Run focused on healthy bodies and teamwork.

MATH AHA VISIT:  Following a Math Literacy Night for families, the OSU Buckeye Aha! Math Moments.  Students had the opportunity to be mesmerized by ways that math can be fun and engaging.  Thank you Mrs. Klair for connecting us to the program.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES:  The Slate of Officers for the 2022-2023 school year was approved at the May 30 Annual Meeting.  Board Member, Marcia Hershfield, who has served for the past 10 years will cycle off the board.  At the meeting she was presented with a certificate noting her service by Board President Raanan Lefkovitz.  Before serving on the board, Marcia was a teacher in the Middle and High School, led the school as Upper School principal, and was a parent.   Her mark on the school was indelible. Beth Binsky will join the board as an at large member.