By Shirly Benatar, Hebrew Language Department Chair

We are excited to welcome new faculty members Oded and Tehilla Karavani, who just moved to Columbus from Israel, although they are practically family here already. They join returning Hebrew staff Mordechai and Ester Bar Asher, our Hebrew Sh’lichim, Malca Makias and Eva Chaykin.  It is my pleasure to work with this entire team!


At the very beginning of the year, students in Lower School and Upper School spent the first days of classes with introductions to: each other, class rules and learning habits, new books, and their new teachers.  Many classes reflected on summer vacation. Our students used their writing skills to reflect on an experience they had during the summer and they wrote Hebrew sentences or paragraphs describing one fun thing they did this past summer vacation. Those reflections are displayed on cards decorating our bulletin board in the hallway!



In addition to regular Hebrew language lessons, the Hebrew department coordinated  a school-wide project,“חלום של ביקור dreaming to visit”.  We learned about the upcoming historical birthday for the State of Israel – 70 years!  Our students explored Israel’s map via technology and video and then had to pick the place in Israel which they dream of visiting. Each student wrote the name of the place on a colorful note and placed it in a tube. Finally, we formed a collage of all the tubes with their wishes, in the shape of 70.May we all be blessed with achieving our dreams and visiting Eretz HaKodesh ! ארץ הקודש


The Hebrew department is renewed, with fresh eyes, experiences, and ideas. We are dedicated to continue to build a program which teaches useful, usable language, emphasizing basic grammatical concepts at a deeper level. Our goal is to teach narrow and deep rather than shallow and wide and use a variety of instructional tools. We continue to adjust and re-examine, while tweaking the materials and the method of instruction.


The entire Hebrew department wishes everyone Shanah Tovah U’metukah, a sweet and wonderful year.