By Dror Karavani, Lower School  School Judaic Studies Coordinator

We excitedly started off the beginning of the school year bringing in the month of Elul. The students recognize this daily by hearing the shofar and seeing the holiday decorations throughout the hallways and classrooms. There is a beautiful symphony of shofars being blown by the students each day as they try out their skills.  In addition, the students are learning the meaning of the three different shofar sounds.

We are looking forward to the Shofar Factory coming to our school  where the students will learn all about how to make a kosher shofar, which types of shofarot we use for Rosh Hashanah, and a “hands on” experience seeing an exhibit of many different kinds of shofrot.

In the classrooms during this special time of the year, we are emphasizing tefillah (prayer), teshuva (repentance), and tzedaka (charity) and practicing our four Middot  – Respect, Honesty, Friendship and Patience. Come and see the different exhibits throughout the school hallways.

Very soon the students will be learning about the upcoming holiday of Rosh Hashanah. They will make Shanah Tova cards and use their Rosh Hashanah workbooks which they will share with you during the holiday.

We will have Rosh Hashanah Sedarim where they will enjoy the tastes of the Simanim (pomegranate, apple, honey, etc.). Don’t forget to ask them about the meaning of those holiday symbols.

Yishar Koach to the amazing Judaic team for their dedication and hard work in making the High Holiday season a meaningful time for our students.  I would like to wish you a Shanah Tovah, a sweet New Year and Chatimah Tova.