Give and Get

What is it?  Give & Get is a program that supports our school financially and involves parents as volunteers in the school community. As noted in the Enrollment Agreement that you signed, each family has an annual commitment of $2000 which began July 1 and must be completed by June 30. Outstanding commitments will be carried over to the following year and are considered a financial obligation to the school.

$500 must be fulfilled by direct donations or sale of ads for the Scholarship Dinner ad book.  This must be completed no later than December 31.

The Give & Get policy can be found here.

Here is a suggested list of ideas that you can use to make sure you are accessing the varied opportunities to fulfill Give & Get and support CTA. Some of these cannot be tracked for Give and Get, but do help provide revenue for our school.

Here are some ideas:

Direct Donations: Your donation to the Annual Fund or Scholarship Fund is credited dollar for dollar to your Give & Get Statement. To arrange for a monthly donation or to develop a philanthropy plan with CTA, contact Shari Herszage in the Development Office.

  • The Give & Get Commitment or any portion of it can be paid in full, quarterly or monthly with credit card or pre-dated checks.
  • Donations to Annual Giving Fund are applied dollar for dollar towards your Give & Get commitment.
  • Scholarship Dinner Fund donations are applied dollar for dollar towards your annual Give & Get commitment.
    1. Put an ad in the Scholarship Dinner Ad book
    2. Solicit for the Scholarship Dinner Ad Book
    3. Solicit prizes or bid on prizes for Scholarship Dinner Silent Auction
  • Tribute Donations are applied dollar for dollar towards your Give & Get commitment.
    1. Donations sent in honor or in memory of someone will be acknowledged to the beneficiary

Solicit Donations: Friends and family that you solicit for donations to CTA can be attributed dollar for dollar to your Give & Get Statement. To get involved and be trained as a solicitor, contact Shari. All parents are encouraged to use the Scholarship Dinner Ad Book as an opportunity to solicit friends, family and business vendors.

Tzedakah Box Campaign: Each penny, dime or nickel adds up. If you don’t have a CTA Tzedakah Box, plan to pick one up at CTA. Each month has a “Turn in Day” and you can send a baggie with the contents of your box or a check reflecting what is in it.

Fundraising Support Organizations: There are many ways that CTA can earn points or dollars to support our school. We ask parents to sign up for as many of these as possible as the funds raised benefit our school. Many of these can be tracked for Give & Get but some require self reporting. They are listed in order or greatest benefit.

  • Kroger Rewards: (Reported quarterly to you and you submit amount to CTA)
  • iGive:
  • Amazon Smile: (CTA earns .5% of all purchases)
  • Shoparoo: In the App Store on your Smartphone
  • Office Max: Max Perks card number is: 207285005
  • Apples for Students at Giant Eagle: CTA School Code which is #4389

For help getting signed up for any of these programs, contact Shari.

Volunteer: Oftentimes there are opportunities to volunteer for events or programs at school. To sign up to be considered for volunteer opportunities, go to and register on the volunteer page. Volunteer time is equivalent to $25 per hour towards your Give & Get. (i.e.: A family would need 80 hours of approved volunteer time to reach their $2000 Give & Get Commitment). You must log and report these hours to CTA at

Opportunities for volunteering include, but are not limited to: PTO Activities, Administrative Support, Columbus Baseball Invitational, Athletic Department help, classroom teacher support, Fourth of July Parade Float, Front Desk Coverage, Garden Maintenance, Hot Lunch, Holiday Treats and Events, Rosh Chodesh Luncheons, School Pictures, Scholarship Dinner Ad Book & Auction, and Tzedakah Box Program.

Please be in touch with Shari Herszage at or 614-864-0299, ext 218 to express your interest in any of these opportunities.

All Give & Get reporting should be made to or contact Norm Leist at or 614-864-0299, ext 200.

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