Spotlight on Upper School Judaics – October 2015

Happy Days are Here Again!

In CTA Upper School Judaic Studies, Sukkot truly lives up to its epithet, “Z’man Simchatainu”, “Our Time of Happiness”.

  • Building the CTA’s sukkah is always a fun and educational experience. The halachot that the students learn pertaining to sukka construction come to life when they ensure that the walls are erect before laying the s’chach, identify the minimal “2 and a fraction” walls and utilize an array of halachic concepts to create a kosher sukka for our school.
  • As part of The Amazing Race, teams competed this week in Sukka Wars II: a video competition in which each team creates purchasing guides for Jews around the word. Following last year’s Sukka Wars; an extensive focus on the laws of Sukkot, the content this year was devoted to a detailed analysis of the Dalet Minim, the 4 Species. Students learned numerous terms and concepts associated with the Dalet Minim in class this week and on the Thursday of Chol HaMoed, the videos were choreographed, filmed and uploaded to YouTube. Stay tuned for links and updates!
  • The hashkafic (philosophical) aspects of every holiday are covered during Chumash classes. That means all of our students have a D’var Torah to share – and you can tell them I said so 🙂