Spotlight on Upper School Judaics

What’s New?

R.A.P. – Every Jewish month brings with it special energies and has its own history and character. In efforts to stay tuned to these unique opportunities, we unrolled the R.A.P., or Rosh Chodesh Appreciation Program. In addition to the special programming we will be having before each Shabbat M’Vorchim (the Shabbat before Rosh Chodesh) and Rosh Chodesh treats, we will be learning a page overview of the important facts, halachot and history of each month. A little birdy told me that these facts will be part of the next IronMench tourney.

Halacha Yomi – At the end of H.S. and J.H davening, we share a 1 minute “halacha bite”. In addition to being a propitious way to start the day, this will expose us to interesting areas of Judaism that we may not have covered in a class. Thank you to Shmuel Metz for suggesting this initiative!

New Classes – In order to better address the spiritual interests and needs of our ever changing student body, we have added 2 new components to the Upper School Judaic experience:

Dinim – Girls in the J.H. now have the option of taking Dinim, a text based class focusing on contemporary halacha.  Check out some of the websites they have been working on: or

Tefilla – Our 10th graders are now offered a half year course on tefilla, geared to expand and deepen their knowledge and appreciation of this lofty endeavor.

Engaging the Yomim Tovim – Every year we explore new ways to learn about and experience the Yomim Tovim. As always, fantastic rabbis from our community take time to speak with our H.S. and J.H. – thank you in advance to Rabbis Claman, Goldstein, Zack and Zuckerman! This is a serious, yet enjoyable, time of year and we do our best to bring it to life.