Upper School students, led by 12th grader, Rachel Wolf, joined together to say tehillim for the families affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and took on an initiative to help out.  They are encouraging the CTA community to show their support by donating to a student led fundraiser in Houston.


Robert M. Beren Academy is a K-12 modern Orthodox school in Houston and while the school itself was not damaged, some of the Beren families live in neighborhoods that were among the hardest hit.


Beren Academy’s student group M.A.D has been helping in anyway they can and has set up a fundraising link to provide funds to families who need it. All donations will go directly to helping families get back on their feet. To contribute, go to the website: or use the button below.


The M.A.D. group helped over 30 families during the 2015 Memorial Day flooding by raising money through this site. Any additional funding received will be given to Rabbi Gelman (of UOS synagogues) Hurricane Relief discretionary fund and/or to provide meals and other needs for Rosh Hashanah as it is only 3 weeks away.


Please use the link above to make a donation and help spread the word. We hope that the CTA community can raise $1000 or more to this campaign.