It has been a time-honored Jewish tradition to give tzedakah in recognition of important events. Todah Rabah to the following for their donations with tributes (since 3/1/2022-5/31/22):

To the Annual Fund

Go to to see all of the donation messages and acknowledgements for the Spring Fundraiser.

  • Yitzchak Gold in memory of sister, Sonia G. Fesman, A”H
  • Jackson Leonard in memory of Irv Baker     
  • Larry and Robin Garvin in memory of Dr. Carol Park
  • Rick and Terri Barnett in memory of A. Jack and Ettagail Shatz
  • Stacy Leeman and Gary Liebesman in honor of Jeffrey Schottenstein’s engagement and wedding
  • Mark Epstein in memory of Bart Epstein
  • Mark Epstein in memory of Jean Epstein
  • Mark and Lana Kirshteyn for a day of learning in memory of Shunya (Alexander) Kuperberg, Eliana and Aden Kirshteyn’s great-grandfather on his yarzheit
  • Teme Young in memory of Dr. Charles Young
  • Daniel  Steinberg in memory of Milton Steinberg – Menashe Ben Shmuel Leib HaLevi
  • Stacy Leeman and Gary Liebesman  in memory of Steve Brazina – remembering Steve in a way that he would like-supporting the Jewish future
  • Leah and Aaron Freed in honor of Shari Herszage for her dedication to CTA and for always being there to answer questions and offer help
  • Ezra and Miriam Lightman for the Columbus Baseball Invitational in honor of Natalie, Ariana, and Georgie along with their wonderful parents Mina and Steven
  • Todd and Eliza Delman in honor of Dr. Carol Park and to name the Dr. Carol Park Science Achievement Award for the Upper School
  • Ely Zofan in honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Eliana Lefkovitz and the Bar Mitzvah of David Buren 
  • Paul and Karan Tanenbaum for a special thank you to Dr. Jeff Tilson
  • Dotan and Shari Herszage to wish a Mazel Tov on the marriage of Sophie Weller to Boruch
  • Paul and Judith Putzel in honor of Marcia Hershfield’s special birthday
  • Rabbi Avi and Miram Goldstein for a day of learning in honor of Brian Schuman and Yoni Zofan
  • Rick and Sheila Zwelling                   
  • Hershfield children and grandchildren wishing a Happy Birthday to mom and grandmother, Marsha Hershfield wishing “Happy birthday! Love, Jer, Rach, Lila, Zoe, Jess, Eldad, Ez and Ami”
  • Hella Reitman
  • Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Family
  • Tzedakah Box Fund
    • Rena Steinberg
    • The Kirschbaum Family
  • In honor of Devorah Lipkind Weprin’s Birthday
    • Michqua Levi  
    • Benjamin Goldberg    
    • Miranda Abrams Weisbuch   
    • Devorah Steinberg
    • Sara Weinstein
    • Norm Leist
    • For Matanot L’evyonim
      • Elana Burak
      • Li’elle, Eden and Tahlya Chaykin
      • Dr. Gilat Zisman and Jacob Emsallem
      • Dr. Ephraim Hollander and Aaryn Rubin
      • Rabbi Stephen and Bethany Slater
      • Rabbi Moshe and Kelsey Yachnes

To the Scholarship Fund

  • Mark and Sally Wachter in honor of Allison Zofan – Thank you for the March Madness donation
  • Yoni and Allison Zofan in honor of the Wachters for winning a Purim March Madness Contest

To the Endowment Fund

  • Matthew Erik Peltz Talmud Award Fund
    • Leonard and Leslie London

To Sponsor a Day of Learning for the months of March-May

  • For Wednesday, March 2 by Shari and Dotan Herszage and Family in memory of Moishe Herszage, z”l (Moshe Yehuda ben Pinchas), the 29th anniversary of his yarzheit on the 29th of Adar
  • For Tuesday, March 8 in memory of Jerome Schottenstein.  Mr. Schottenstein was a founder, past president, and lifetime trustee of Columbus Torah Academy.  His children and grandchildren have carried on his legacy both for the CTA, local, and worldwide Jewish community
  • For Monday, April 25 by Kirshteyn Family in memory of Shunya (Alexander) Kuperberg, Eliana and Aden Kirshteyn’s great-grandfather on his yarzheit
  • For Wednesday, May 11, by Diana and Emilia Wolff in memory of husband and father, Joel Wolff, Yosef Ben Ze’ev Wolff, on his 5th yarzheit, the 13th of Iyar
  • For May 18, by Henry and Candis Schwarz in memory of Henry’s mother, Ruth Schwarz on her 12th yahrzeit today on the 17th of Iyar
  • For Thursday, May 19, by Rabbi Daniel and Devorah Steinberg in memory of Milton Steinberg – Menashe Ben Shmuel Leib HaLevi
  • For Friday, May 20, in honor of Jeffrey Schottenstein and Ariella Booker’s upcoming wedding.  A big Mazel Tov to Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein & family
  • For Monday, May 23 by Rabbi Avi and Miriam Goldstein & Family in honor of Coach Yoni Zofan and Coach Brian Schuman in appreciation of how they have generously given of their time, energy, and guidance towards the 3rd & 4th grade soccer teams. Go Lions!