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Faculty and Staff

We are proud of our faculty and staff who are passionate about our School and our mission. Every day, they strive to ensure the highest standards of excellence in all areas.

Rabbi Samuel J. Levine – email: slevine@torahacademy.org


Head of School
With CTA Since 2014




Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff – email: adrandoff@torahacademy.org

Judaic Studies Principal, Grades K-12
With CTA Since 2012
Master of Arts in School Counseling from Johns Hopkins University; Master Degree in Talmudic law and semicha (rabbinical ordination) from Ner Israel Rabbinical College; Successfully completed: YU Lead: Yeshiva University’s school leadership training program; YU Teach: Legacy Heritage Foundation fellowship; worked as Director of Community Programs for the Columbus Community Kollel.

Mrs. Eliza Delman – email: edelman@torahacademy.org

Upper School Principal/School Counselor
With CTA Since 2005
Mrs. Delman graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Psychology from University of Maryland and earned Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University.

Mrs. Patty Sapp – email: psapp@torahacademy.org

Lower School Principal
With CTA Since 1989
Mrs. Sapp graduated Cum Laude from OSU with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and Business. She is certified in Administration and Curriculum and has been a workshop presenter for State of Ohio and surrounding Universities on Teaching to Special Needs Children. Mrs. Sapp taught 1st grade and special needs students before becoming principal.
Mr. Dror Karavani – email: dkaravani@torahacademy.org

Lower School Judaic Curriculum Coordinator
With CTA Since 2010
Moreh Dror holds a Master of Arts from Lander College (Israel) and a Bachelor of Arts from Herzog Institute. He attended a hesder yeshiva and has worked with the Jewish Agency to develop a Partnership 2000 program. Moreh Dror taught and worked as an administrator in a Jewish day school in Charleston, SC.

Rabbi Zacharia Weitz – email: rabbiweitz@torahacademy.org
Upper School Judaics Curriculum Coordinator
With CTA Since 2008
Rabbi Weitz holds a Masters degree in School Counseling from The Johns Hopkins University and a Masters degree in Talmudic Law from Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He has an Educator’s Certificate from Torah U’Mesorah and the Principal’s Training Institute from Consortium of Jewish Day Schools. Rabbi Weitz is a former faculty member at Columbus Community Kollel and Baltimore Community Kollel. He has worked as a school counselor in Baltimore, MD.

Alphabetical list of faculty and staff


FIRST LAST CTA EMAIL 2014-2015 Position
Kelly Adar kadar@torahacademy.org Hebrew Language <Blog>
Matt Bailey mbailey@torahacademy.org Athletic Director <Blog>
Jamie Bindell jbindell@torahacademy.org Kindergarten <Blog>
Mary Lynn Buster mlbuster@torahacademy.org Second Grade <Blog>
Lesa Caputo lcaputo@torahacademy.org Receptionist
Joel Greff tech@torahacademy.org Technology
Eva Chaykin echaykin@torahacademy.org Hebrew Language
Rachel Degeo rdegeo@torahacademy.org Kindergarten <Blog>
Eliza Delman edelman@torahacademy.org Upper School Principal
Rabbi Yaakov Frankiel yfrankiel@torahacademy.org Upper School Judaics
Cheri Friedman cfriedman@torahacademy.org Music
Steve Guinan sguinan@torahacademy.org Upper School English/Social Studies <Blog>
Rabbi Yosef Hauser yhauser@torahacademy.org Second Grade <Blog>
Shari Herszage sherszage@torahacademy.org Admissions/Marketing/ Development
Dror Karavani dkaravani@torahacademy.org Third & Fourth Grade <Blog>
Irit Karavani ikaravani@torahacademy.org First Grade <Blog>
Elana Katz ekatz@torahacademy.org Fifth & Sixth Grade <Blog>
Dr. Matthew Kennedy mkennedy@torahacademy.org Science <Blog>
Charles Kramer ckramer@torahacademy.org Upper School Math
Norm Leist nleist@torahacademy.org Director of Finance
Tamalynn Lerner tlerner@torahacademy.org Learning Center  <Blog>
Rabbi Samuel Levine slevine@torahacademy.org Head of School
Naomi Litchman nlitchman@torahacademy.org Kindergarten Aide
Allison Lleonart alleonart@torahacademy.org Lower School Aide
Malca Makias mmakias@torahacademy.org Lower School Aide
Cheryl Miller chmiller813@gmail.com Librarian
Helen Miller hmiller@torahacademy.org Learning Center
Chris Morford cmorford@torahacademy.org Nurse
Chaya Morris cmorris@torahacademy.org Upper School Judaics
Amy Neiwirth aneiwirth@torahacademy.org Art
Tim Pray tpray@torahacademy.org Upper School History
Penni Robbins probbins@torahacademy.org Administrative Assistant
Patty Sapp psapp@torahacademy.org Lower School Principal
John Savage jsavage@torahacademy.org Upper School Judaics
Leah Savage lsavage@torahacademy.org Upper/Lower School Judaics
Sharon Schramm sschramm@torahacademy.org Upper School Math
Dianne Schwendenman dschwendenman@torahacademy.org Computers
Deena Tanenbaum dtanenbaum@torahacademy.org First Grade <Blog>
Karan Tanenbaum ktanenbaum@torahacademy.org Kitchen
Mandy Tantarelli carterlu@live.com Kindergarten Aide
Rabbi Zecharia Weitz zweitz@torahacademy.org Upper School Judaics Coordinator <Blog>
Norma Whitmyre nwhitmyre@torahacademy.org Executive Secretary
Kate Willis kwillis@torahacademy.org Fifth & Sixth Grade <Blog>
Diana Wolff dwolff@torahacademy.org Hebrew Language