Faculty and Staff


Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff

Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff

Head of School

With CTA Since 2012

Master of Arts in School Counseling from Johns Hopkins University; Master Degree in Talmudic law and semicha (rabbinical ordination) from Ner Israel Rabbinical College; Successfully completed: YU Lead: Yeshiva University’s school leadership training program; YU Teach: Legacy Heritage Foundation fellowship; worked as Director of Community Programs for the Columbus Community Kollel.


Mrs. Debbie Grashin

Mrs. Debbie Grashin

Upper School Principal

With CTA Since 2022

Debbie Grashin holds a Masters in School Leadership from Columbia University Teachers College, a Masters in Adolescent Education from Pace University, and Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Science from Yeshiva University Stern College for Women. She began her teaching career through New York City Teaching Fellows and taught high school Math and Computer Science in a NYC public school for eight years, also serving as grade level chair and department head, and completing a fellowship as a Math for America Master Teacher. She returned to her hometown of Columbus to help found KIPP Columbus High, where she worked for six years as the founding math and computer science teacher and department chair. She was awarded the Amazon Future Engineer Teacher of the Year Award in 2020.  Mrs. Grashin is a CTA High School alumnus.


Dr. Miranda Kogon

Dr. Miranda Kogon

Lower School Principal

With CTA Since 2022

Dr. Kogon has an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from the State University of New York at Potsdam, Masters in Special Education & Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University, Doctorate in Behavioral Health from Arizona State University, post-doctorate and residency in Medical Family Therapy (department of psychiatry) from The University of Rochester School of Medicine, post-masters degree in School Administration and Supervision from Johns Hopkins University, post-masters certificate in Instructional Leadership from the Relay Graduate School of Education through the intensive fellowship in the National Principals Supervisor Academy and has completed the AASA-USC Rossier Urban Superintendents Academy Certification Program. She has worked with UNICEF in York, England as an International Education Researcher, taught on a Native American Mohawk Reservation on the border of New York and Canada, taught and supported a special education curriculum and design team with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and was a behavior therapist at the Seoul Children’s Hospital and The Mind Care Institute in Seoul, South Korea, served as a school counselor in Rochester, New York, worked as a behavior specialist in Fairfax, Virginia, served as a Manager then Director of Special Education with DC Public Schools in Washington D.C., and most recently, she was the Associate Chief of Student Equity and Opportunity for Denver Public Schools in Denver, Colorado. She is passionate about working directly with students, teachers, and families to create strong systems of support and is happy to be the lower school principal of CTA where she can do just this!


Ahern Mrs. Ann

Teacher, Sixth Grade General Studies

Bailey Mr. Matthew

Athletic Director and Teacher, Physical Education

Barch Ms. Angela

Teacher's Aide and Librarian, K-6

Barer Rabbi Yitzchak

Teacher, Upper School Judaic Studies

Barney Mr. Chase

Teacher, GHSP General Studies

Bearor Nancy

Coordinator, PBIS

Benatar Mrs. Shirly

hebrew-department Chair

Bindell Mrs. Jamie

Teacher, First Grade Judaic Studies

Bouchard Karen

Teacher, Kindergarten General Studies

Brodsky Mrs. Inna

Teacher, upper-school Mathematics and Science

Buster Mrs. Mary Lynn

Teacher, Second Grade General Studies

Caputo Mrs. Lesa


Chaykin Ms. Eva

Teacher, Upper and lower-school Hebrew Language

D'Angelo-Wolff Mrs. Diana

Teacher, Upper and lower-school Hebrew Language

Deitsch Ms. Batya

Teacher, 5th and 6th Grade Davening

Delman Mrs. Eliza

upper-school Counselor

Deutsch Mrs. Leah

Director, Girls' High School Program (GHSP)

Drandoff Rabbi Avrohom

Head of School and Coordinator, Judaic Studies K-12

Feigenbaum Mrs. Miriam

Teacher, GHSP Judaic Studies

Fox Nate

Teacher, upper-school Physical Education

French Sally


Fried Mrs. Nechama

Teacher, Sixth Grade Judaic Studies

Fried Ms. Hallie

Teacher, upper-school General Studies

Friedman Mrs. Cheri

Teacher, Music

Gindoff Yaffa

Teacher, GHSP General Studies

Glitsch Mrs. Stephanie

Teacher, upper-school Science

Grashin Mrs. Debbie

Principal, upper-school

Greff Mr. Joel


Griffith Ms. Heather

School Psychologist

Guinan Mr. Steve

Teacher, upper-school English, Social Studies, and Film Studies

Herszage Shari

Director of Admissions/Development & Marketing Coordinator

Hofman Basya

Teacher, Kindergarten Judaic Studies

Jamison Ms. Cassie


Johnson Mrs. Jennifer


Jones Mrs. Jennifer

Teacher, upper-school Mathematics

Kirschbaum Mrs. Yonit

Teacher, Third and Fifth Grade Judaic Studies

Kogon Dr. Miranda

Principal, lower-school

Kramer Mr. Charles

Support, upper-school

Kramer Mrs. Shana

Administrationistrative Assistant and Teacher, GHSP General Studies

Leist Mr. Norm

Chief Financial Officer

Levy Mrs. Chen Li

Teacher, Upper and lower-school Hebrew Language

Mader Ms. Lucy

Title I Math Tutor

Mast Mrs. Allison

Intervention Specialist

McCracken Ms. Rachel

Intervention Specialist, upper-school

Mizrachi Mrs. Kaley

Executive Secretary

Neuman Mrs. Shira

Teacher, upper-school Judaic Studies

Neuman Rabbi Ari

Teacher, upper-school Judaic Studies

Onesto Mrs. Donna

NPSS Tutor

Papson Mrs. Billee

Teacher, Fifth Grade General Studies

Perlmuter Mrs. Michal

Teacher, GHSP Judaic Studies

Rahav Ms. Amy

Teacher, Third Grade General Studies

Richardson Robert

Director of Safety and Security

Robinson Mrs. Rebecca

Teacher's Aide, First Grade

Rom Mrs. Elisheva

Teacher, upper-school Judaic Studies

Rosen Mrs. Leslie

Teacher Support, Kindergarten General Studies

Savage Mrs. Leah

Teacher, Second Grade Judaic Studies

Schechter Dr. Miriam

Teacher, Upper and lower-school Hebrew Language

Schechter Rabbi Dr. Asher

Teacher, upper-school Judaic Studies and Hebrew Language

Schramm Mrs. Sharon

Teacher, upper-school Mathematics

Shumaker Ms. Jane

Teacher, Fourth Grade General Studies

Simakovsky Mr. Eugene


Skeen Ms. Connor

Intervention Specialist

Tanenbaum Mrs. Karan

Food Service

Tanenbaum Ms. Deena

Teacher, First Grade General Studies

Turner Mrs. Cori

Kitchen Support Staff

Van Horn Ms. Monica

Teacher, Visual Arts

Weinstein Mrs. Sarah

Teacher, Fourth and Fifth Grade Judaic Studies

Weisbrod Mr. Sam

Teacher, upper-school Social Studies

Yachnes Rabbi Moshe

Teacher, upper-school Judaic Studies

Yachnes Mrs. Kelsey

Teacher, GHSP General Studies

Zucker Ms. Aviva

Teacher's Aide, Kindergarten

Zuckerman Rabbi Yitzhak

Teacher, upper-school Judaic Studies

Zuckerman Mrs. Tzivi

Teacher, GHSP Judaic Studies

We are proud of our faculty and staff who are passionate about our School and our mission. Every day, they strive to ensure the highest standards of excellence in all areas.  Following is an alphabetical listing of faculty and staff.  Updated 8/21/2022

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