Faculty and Staff

We are proud of our faculty and staff who are passionate about our School and our mission. Every day, they strive to ensure the highest standards of excellence in all areas.

Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff

Head of School

With CTA Since 2012
email: adrandoff@torahacademy.org
Master of Arts in School Counseling from Johns Hopkins University; Master Degree in Talmudic law and semicha (rabbinical ordination) from Ner Israel Rabbinical College; Successfully completed: YU Lead: Yeshiva University’s school leadership training program; YU Teach: Legacy Heritage Foundation fellowship; worked as Director of Community Programs for the Columbus Community Kollel.

Mr. Lou Staffilino

Upper School Principal

First Year at CTA
Email: lstaffilino@torahacademy.org
Lou Staffilino holds a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from The Ohio State University.  He brings 46 years of educational experience to CTA having worked with students and parents as a Teacher, Principal and Superintendent. He served as Associate Superintendent at the Ohio Department of Education during the tenure of Dr. Susan Tave Zelman.  Mr. Staffilino has spent the last six years creating and implementing teacher evaluation and teacher coaching in-service trainings for superintendents , principals and teachers throughout Ohio for the Ohio Department of Education.

Mrs. Nicole Miller

Lower School Principal

With CTA Since 2017
email: nmiller@torahacademy.org
Twitter: @NikkiMillerCTA
Nicole Miller holds a Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership from the University of Arizona, a Master of Arts in Education from UCLA, and a Bachelor of Arts in Multicultural Child Advocacy from The College of Wooster. Mrs. Miller is certified with a Professional Principal’s License from the State of Ohio. She began her teaching career as a Personal and Living Skills Coordinator in an after school program and was inspired to become an educator. After earning her Masters in Education she taught elementary school followed by a stint as a middle school English Language Arts and History teacher. Mrs. Miller has worked as an instructional leader, coaching teachers and leading staff in district-wide professional development. She most recently comes from a position as a data and instructional coach at a Project Based Learning school in Tucson, AZ.

Mrs. Shirly Benatar

Hebrew Language Curriculum Chair, Grades 2-12

With CTA Since 2015
email: sbenatar@torahacademy.org
Masters of Science in Educational Leadership from University of Dayton; Masters of Science in Entomology from The Ohio State University; Bachelor of Science in Biology (Molecular Genetics) from The Ohio State University; graduate of USCJ The New Director Institute leadership training program; worked as Education Director for Congregation Tifereth Israel; Florence Melton Adult Mini School instructor; CJDS Hebrew Teacher; Judaic Team Leader at Columbus JCC preschool; Biology instructor at OSU; member of the National Executive Board of the Jewish Educators Assembly; recipient of the Columbus Jewish Federation Fellowship grant, and multiple community awards.

Alphabetical list of faculty and staff – updated as of 8/26/18

Adams Nicole Aide nadams@torahacademy.org
Ahern Ann 6th General Studies 307 aahern@torahacademy.org 
Arnold Dr. Marla School Psychologist marnold@torahacademy.org 
Bailey Matthew Phys Ed/Athletic Director 231 mbailey@torahacademy.org 
Barch Angela 3rd General Studies Aide 331 abarch@torahacademy.org 
Benatar Shirly Hebrew Dept. Chair 232 sbenatar@torahacademy.org 
Bindell Jamie Kg Judaic Studies 303 jbindell@torahacademy.org
Buster Mary Lynn 2nd General Studies 305 mlbuster@torahacademy.org
Caputo Lesa Receptionist 212 lcaputo@torahacademy.org
Chaykin Eva Hebrew Language 308 echaykin@torahacademy.org
Claman Shira US Judaic Studies 339 sclaman@torahacademy.org
D’Angelo-Wolff Diana Hebrew Language 214 dwolff@torahacademy.org
Davies Rabbi Chaim US Judaic Studies 333 cdavies@torahacademy.org
Delman Eliza Upper School Counselor 220


Blog:  ekdelman.blogspot.com

Downey Gayle Food Service gdowney@torahacademy.org
Drandoff Rabbi Avrohom Head of School 228 adrandoff@torahacademy.org
Friedman Cheri Music 311 cfriedman@torahacademy.org
Gibson Amber 5th General Studies 336 agibson@torahacademy.org
Greenspan Rabbi Yehoshua US Judaic Studies 328 ygreenspan@torahacademy.org
Greff Joel IT 306 tech@torahacademy.org
Guinan Steve US English/Social Studies/Film Studies 312


blog:  http://sguinan.snappages.com/home.htm

Hartstein Agi Kg General Studies Aide 323 agihartstein@torahacademy.org
Herszage Shari Dir of Adm/ Development
& Marketing Coord.
218 sherszage@torahacademy.org
Hullihan Emily Title I Tutor ehullihan@torahacademy.org
Johnson Jennifer Custodian jjohnson@torahacademy.org
Kirschbaum Yonit 1st Judaic Studies 315 ykirschbaum@torahacademy.org
Kohn Ayala 5th Judaic Studies 316 ayalakohn@torahacademy.org
Kramer Charles US Math 318 ckramer@torahacademy.org
Kurre Rachel Math Auxiliary Tutor rkurre@torahacademy.org
Leggett Shawn Food Service sleggett@torahacademy.org
Leist Norm Chief Financial Officer 200 nleist@torahacademy.org
Lerner Tamalynn 4th General Studies 319 tlerner@torahacademy.org
Levy Chen-Li Hebrew Language 302 clevy@torahacademy.org
Litchman Naomi Kg Judaic Studies Aide 320 nlitchman@torahacademy.org
Makias Malca Hebrew Language mmakias@torahacademy.org
Mast Allison Learning Center 329 amast@torahacademy.org
Mathias Kay Aide kmathias@torahacademy.org
McKenzie Paige Kinder General Studies 310 pmckenzie@torahacademy.org
Miller Cheryl Librarian 321 cmiller@torahacademy.org
Miller Nicole Lower School Principal 215 nmiller@torahacademy.org
Morford Chris Nurse 211 cmorford@torahacademy.org
Morris Chaya US Judaic Studies 324 cmorris@torahacademy.org
Neiwirth Amy Art 325 aneiwirth@torahacademy.org
Neuman Shira 6th Judaic Studies 209 sneuman@torahacademy.org
Onesto Donna Reading Auxiliary Tutor donesto@torahacademy.org
Park Dr. Carol US Science 304 cpark@torahacademy.org
Perlmuter Michal US Judaic Studies 207 mperlmuter@torahacademy.org
Pray Tim US History 327 tpray@torahacademy.org
Rahav Amy 3rd General Studies 301 arahav@torahacademy.org
Raveh Lin Young Community Shlicha lraveh@tcjf.org
Rosenbaum Ariella US Science 317 arosenbaum@torahacademy.org
Savage Leah 3rd Judaic Studies 314 lsavage@torahacademy.org
Savage Rabbi Jon US Judaic Studies 326 jsavage@torahacademy.org
Schramm Sharon US Math 335 sschramm@torahacademy.org
Simakovskiy Eugene Maintenance esimakovskiy@torahacademy.org
Simakovskiy Natasha Maintenance nsimakovskiy@torahacademy.org
Smith Christy Math, Ed Tech & Standard. Testing Support
Testing Support
208 csmith@torahacademy.org
Spurlock Joseph US Technology Integration
233 jspurlock@torahacademy.org
Stevenson Michelle Nurse 211 mstevenson@torahacademy.org
Swetnam Jennifer Speech Therapist jswetnam@torahacademy.org
Tanenbaum Deena 1st General Studies 330


Blog: http://ctafirstgrade.blogspot.com/

Tanenbaum Karan Food Service 222 ktanenbaum@torahacademy.org
VanGundy Kristen US Eng Lang/Soc Stud 334 kvangundy@torahacademy.org
Weinreich Rabbi Pinchas 2nd Judaic Studies 340 pweinreich@torahacademy.org
Weinstein Sarah 4th Judaic Studies 313 sweinstein@torahacademy.org
Weitz Rabbi Zecharia US Judaic Studies Coord. 332 zweitz@torahacademy.org 
Whitmyre Norma Executive Secretary 227 nwhitmyre@torahacademy.org 
Ziiner Dror Hebrew Language 337 dziner@torahacademy.org 
Ziner Ronit Hebrew Language 338 rziner@torahacademy.org 
Zuckerman Tzivia US Judaic Studies 210 tzuckerman@torahacademy.org 
Zwelling Naomi Learning Center 322 nzwelling@torahacademy.org