Lower School

Welcome to Lower School (grades K-6)
Lower School at Columbus Torah Academy is a positive, safe learning environment that nurtures children to grow intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 


Rigorous and Challenging Curriculum

Our program is built upon best practices in education and students are guided to develop knowledge, hone skills and inspire curiosity. Our rigorous and challenging curriculum offers high-quality instruction and interventions designed to meet the needs of diverse learners. We are uniquely poised to offer a solid ethical and moral foundation built on shared core values, Jewish prayer, and text study. This is an environment in which your child will thrive as a learner and a mensch (good person).

Our educational priorities include:

  1. A Balanced Literacy Approach to instruction.  General Studies teachers have a scope and sequence of the English Language Arts standards, work with a coach on Fundations instruction, continue professional development in Collins writing program and Units of Study in Reading. Reading programs across the school promote a love of life long reading for our students.
  2. A Strong Learning Center.  Our learning center will be sharing best practices of reading intervention through Orton Gillingham practice, Spire, Fundations, and leveled literacy intervention.  We dive  deep into data collection to understand what the results of the assessments we give mean in the delivery of instruction.
  3. A skills based Judaic Studies Program.  
  4. Hebrew Language Instruction and Israel Culture
  5. All teachers maximize student engagement strategies in the classroom.  We know that the more students are actively involved in the learning, the more meaningful the instruction will be and the more success that the students will have to be college and career ready.

Explore our Lower School curriculum using the links on the right. 


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