Lower School Curriculum

Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS)

PBIS is an evidence based, multi-tiered approach to addressing the social, emotional and behavioral support of our students within the classroom and the entire school.  The approach has been shown to improve students’ academic, social and emotional outcomes. At Columbus Torah Academy, we believe in a positive approach to setting school wide expectations. This means that we believe in catching students doing the right thing inside and outside of the classroom.  Our school wide expectations center around the 4 Middot--Honesty, Patience, Respect and Friendship. Our teachers and student leaders model the ways these expectations are demonstrated in common locations such as the lunchroom, playground, classroom, Shul, and hallways. We believe that students learn by practicing and coaching. In addition, we reward our students by doing the right thing through classwide incentives such as lunch with the principal, scooter races, and special art or gym class to name a few examples.

PBIS is critical to our school.  Therefore, we have a PBIS coordinator whose role it is to meet one on one or in small groups with students to support their social-emotional needs through role playing our Middot program.  In addition, the PBIS coordinator works with teachers to create lesson plans to explicitly teach the Middot through a read aloud, role play, or hands on activities.

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PBIS Matrix

Coming Soon Student Leadership Opportunities (Pictures of Student Council for now)

Behavior Flow Chart