Our Mission

is to develop
our students into educated, contributing, active, aware members of contemporary American and Jewish societies.

      To accomplish this mission, CTA is dedicated to:

      • Provide a broad-based, high-quality, secular education, designed to impart the critical educational and learning skills that are necessary to meet the students’ future educational and/or vocational challenges.  A college-preparatory curriculum is offered with learning center support.

      • Provide a strong, comprehensive Jewish education, within a modern Orthodox Zionist framework, to inspire learning, living, and growing in Judaism as a life-long commitment.  Our goals are for our students to make Torah values the center of their lives and to instill in them an attachment to and a sense of responsibility for the State of Israel and the Jewish People.

      • Provide an atmosphere within the school that is respectful of and sensitive to the diversity that exists within the community and our parent body through the modeling and teaching of derech eretz (proper respect) and middot (moral behavior).

      • Provide every Jewish child in the Central Ohio area with the opportunity of a CTA education, within the limits of our educational and financial resources.