Kindergarten Admissions

Kindergarten in a circle.

At CTA, we believe each child must develop emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually according to his or her individual needs and his or her own pace. Our Kindergarten program engages young minds and sets the foundation in place to become a lifelong learner.

Parents interested in getting to know CTA should schedule an appointment for a tour with our Director of Admissions, Shari Herszage, 614-864-0299, ext. 218 or e-mail at

Early Entrance for Kindergarten

According to the guidelines set forth from the State of Ohio, the standard minimum age for enrollment is five for kindergarten. At Columbus Torah Academy, a student must reach that age on or before September 30th of the year of enrollment in kindergarten. If a child does not meet the standard minimum age by September 30th, a parent can go to their home district for evaluation and submit those documents to the CTA Early Entrance Committee for review.  If the home district has a cut off after September 30, a parent can request that the child be evaluated by CTA for early entrance. CTA reserves the right to make the final determination of Early Entrance.

Students for Early Entrance must be carefully screened and selected to help ensure optimal student success. The process for determining if a child could be successful with early entrance is rigorous and complete and includes the following protocols:  

  1. The CTA Early Entrance Committee will work with the parent(s) to make the final decision.  
  2. A variety of evaluation and data collection tools will be gathered about the child.
  3. On condition of acceptance, the parent(s) will sign a disclaimer letter.  The Early Entrance Committee process is meant to thoroughly screen the student to enter kindergarten, but sometimes situations require reexamination.  CTA reserves the right to re-examine placement should any concerns arise within the academic or behavioral domains. Should this occur, it will be no later than after the first quarter of the Kindergarten year. Alternative placements are not reserved for the child. Should a kindergarten placement not work out, CTA does not promise or guarantee a specific, alternative placement at its preschool.  It is the parents’ responsibility to locate an educational placement for their child.
  4. An Application for Admission should be completed online and Early Entrance evaluations will take place in March, April, May with a final determination in May.  Applications for consideration of Early Entrance will not be accepted after May 31.
  5. Entrance for 1st grade is determined on a case by case basis by the Early Entrance Committee.  A child can be considered for Early Entrance to 1st grade if they have already completed kindergarten and will turn 6 years old before October 31.

Questions regarding admissions should be directed to