When CTA was founded and for many years, the school only continued through 8th grade.  Hence, an 8th grade graduation marked the end of a CTA education.  Since the addition of the high school, the opportunity to continue and graduate from CTA has made finishing 8th grade not an ending, but a beginning.  Now called Freshman Speech, the 8th graders made presentations to family and friends – the first as high school freshman.  Video recording at https://youtu.be/dbk6CxY-E0w

*Photo credit Lorn Spolter

This year marked an impressive milestone as Yitzy Cooper became the 1st CTA student to become the third generation from his family to finish CTA 8th grade.  His mother and grandmother also graduated 8th grade from CTA – Mindy Cooper Tanenbaum (8th grade Class of 1993, High School Class of 1997) and Karan Press Tanenbaum (8th grade class of 1967) (as well as his aunts Deena and Joy Tanebaum and great aunt Rochell Press Tanenbaum)