PTO is proud to offer Gratitude and Birthday Grams to honor and recognize special occasions.

Show Gratitude and Send Birthday Wishes with PTO GramsSend to teachers, friends, parents, and more!
  • ​Decide which type of Gram you would like to send. 
  • Click on link below.
  • Enter all information including the email of the recipient. Notification will be sent automatically using this method.
  • If you don’t know the recipient’s email, we will use our database or hand deliver. (Expect a few day turnaround if you don’t provide an email address.) Use “write us a comment” to put the date of delivery or any other information.
  • Enter credit card information and submit form.
  • All proceeds to CTA PTO.  
  • If you want to pay by check or buy Grams in bulk, send in a check to the Front Desk in an envelope marked PTO Grams or contact