For the 2023-2024 school year

It is important for CTA to know how your child is going home at the end of the day.   Please fill one out for each of your children so that teachers have the correct information.  Dismissal is at 4 pm (Grades K-8) and 4:30 pm (Grades 9-12) on the first day of school.

The safety and security of your students is the utmost importance and knowing how they go home each day is important.

Please click on your child’s grade level below to fill our a form by NOON on the first day of school (8/22/23). Under each day, place how your child will get home for the school year.

If you have changes, please notify, the Front Desk and your child’s teacher daily.

Any questions, contact or


Have you signed up for bus transportation? If you are eligible, go to to fill out the correct forms.

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