Recognition of achievement is the goal of the Upper School Awards Ceremony now in its 18th year.  A chance to highlight student efforts that stand out.  Each one of the Upper School students walks their own path in learning and middot.  The Awards Ceremony is a chance to recognize that and celebrate as a school community.

Thank you to the many donors who have named Upper School awards in memory and honor of their family and loved ones.  The program is a chance to also celebrate their commitment to CTA.   A complete program with the names of 2022 winner and all of those from throughout the years can be found at .  It is on the foundation of the remarkable students who have sat in the same classrooms that our school finds its success – so much pride in our alumni!

Entire video recording can be found at with thoughtful comments and highlights of students who achieved academic success, participated in community service, and helped to make the 2021-2022 school year one to remember.  Thank you Mr. Guinan for emceeing an enjoyable ceremony.

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